The world is becoming more aware of the importance of modern technology, so does Easytrans. Our services are different because we don’t simply place your item in a prefabricated box. Easytrans understands the cost and consequences that can occur in the shipping process, therefore we provide the highest level of care to the fragile equipment and electronic parts to ensure they are delivered safely and on time.

 Depending on the products, Easytrans specialist provides various ways such as: padded cargo, tiltwatch and shockwatch labels. To ensure the fragile parts are treated with care, Easytrans provides priorities and supervised handling, as well as specialized and surveillance storage area . In addition, we provide you with packaging recommendation to ensure that your goods are transported safely in the cloud or on the sea.

 Easytrans Special-Care goods Solution:

  • Specialized handling
  • Storage in specialized areas
  • Tiltwatch and Shockwatch labels
  • Surveillance within the warehouse
  • On-going communication and Follow up
  • Packing and shipping consultation


The automobile industry strives on timely deliveries and product quality; Easytrans is without a doubt experienced and capable in transporting your vehicles to your desired destination.

Our team can provide professional packaging services of your vehicles before transportation and can also guarantee that they will remain in good condition during delivery. Because we are familiar with local customs regulation, we are able to  facilitate reliable and quick custom clearance service through the preparation of precise documentation.

Easytrans Automobile Solution:

  • Personal, commercial and special vehicle.
  • Import and export documentation services.
  • Door to door delivery service.
  • Consolidation packaging/repackaging service.
  • Bonded warehouse.
  • Custom clearance (Canada & Asia-Pacific Region)

Personal Effects

Know that when you are shipping your personal goods with Easytrans, your valuables are safe with us. We understand the stress and trouble moving can cause, and we can help you limit this by ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Easytrans can provide international moving of personal effects for the lowest price and with the quickest speed through right route. Professional packaging and consolidation services will save space and money. Also, our precise documentation services make custom clearance easy and fast.

Easytrans Personal Effects Solution:

  • Reliable/quick/safety door to door personal effects delivery services in many years
  • TL/LTL
  • Personal care
  • Documentation services.
  • Reasonable charge rates.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced on local regulations & quick custom clearances.
  • Wide destination coverage
  • Warehouse Storage

Live Animals

When you’re shipping animals, you want to find a transporter who is devoted to providing special care and attention from start to finish. Easytrans provides the highest level of assurance in a custom-designed environment that is specifically suited for your animal, so they can travel safely and comfortably. Regardless on the ground or in the cloud, we will ensure the animal are taken care of.

We are aware of the importance of planning. Our specialist will fully listen and understand your requirement,then come up with the most appropriate solution tailored to your need. In addition, we make sure that the often complex import/export requirements are met, and provide you full support and assistant with the documentation and IATA Live Animals Regulations’ (LAR) requirements.

Easytrans Live Animal Solution:

  • Advance arrangements
  • Consultation on transportation requirement
  • On-going communication and Follow up
  • Priority planning
  • Supervised handling
  • Protected noise and temperature controlled environment

Food & Fresh Goods

As today’s consumers want access to virtually anything, anytime of the year, including an array of food items from different countries, Easytrans provides you with an optimized fresh goods shipping solution to deliver the time-critical items from farm to fork quickly and safely.

Easytrans specializes in assisting companies to meet their transportation needs by providing the best range of cost effective cold chain and operational logistics solutions to the industry. Over years, we have helped hundreds of  multinational clients with transportation as well as small businesses to solve their product movement and transportation needs across the world. We are dedicated to meet your freight demand with a sense of urgency, and we offer worry-free service aiming at cost efficiency, time flexibility and creativity.

Easytrans Fresh Goods Solution:

  • Affordable Price
  • Fresh Guaranteed
  • Supervised and Prioritised Handling
  • Temperature control system
  • Consultation on transportation requirement
  • On-going communication and Follow up

Clothing & Retail

Because textile and retail products often have many limitations and specific guidelines dependent on country, problems can arise when importing or exporting these products. Easytrans specialists are extremely familiar with the regulations and guidelines involved, especially within North America and the Asia-Pacific regions.

From start to finish, we ensure that your products will be transported safely and efficiently, no matter which freight method you choose. We offer value-added services to move your products such as Garment-On-Hanger (GOH) capabilities, where you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking your products.

  • Airfreight/Ocean freight/Inland delivery service
  • GOH services
  • Multimode transportation service and total solution.
  • Familiar with local regulation (Canada & Asia-Pacific Region)
  • Documentation service
  • Quick Custom Clearance (Asia-Pacific Region)